ranks 48th in U.S. … the third worst among the states, according to a report from the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit advocate for low taxes… The states ranking best by the Tax Foundation’s measure are: 1)Wyoming, 2)South Dakota, 3)Nevada, 4)Alaska, 5)Florida, 6)Washington, 7)New Hampshire, 8)Montana, 9)Texas, 10)Utah. Except for Utah, all of those states lack one of the three biggest taxes: sales tax, individual income tax or corporate income tax, the report said.
~ California’s business tax climate ranks 48th in U.S. by Jan Norman

When Toyota announced that it was moving its U.S. headquarters from California to Texas, some were surprised, but everyone understood why. Because of its high taxes and regulations, worst states in the nation in which to do business, and a move from California would have an immediate positive impact on Toyota USA’s bottom line. And Toyota is only the latest.
~ As Capital Flees, England Is Texas, and the U.S. Is California By Tom Giovanetti