According to astrophysicist Joseph Shklovski (lectures, 1981) the total level of energy produced by human civilization during the last 300 years of industrial revolutions, is still about one hundredth of a percent of the total energy flow that reaches the surface of the earth from the sun. Meanwhile in recent decades of info-tech revolution, the total level of energy that earth irradiates to space comes to a million times more than it would have done naturally as the planet heated to 300 K. From this point, for the last couple of decades, Earth outran planet-giants Jupiter and Saturn and became comparable to Sun. So, for a radio-telescope’s observer from outer space, the earth’s info-tech revolution looks like the birth of a new bright star on the cold Earth-planet. Source: National Information Resources‘, by Gregory GromovNauka, 1984, p.15

On top of radio transmissions discussed in 1981, there are now 6 billion active cellphones worldwide…

In spite of all of the above, there are still so many people who generously and selflessly donate their time, energy and money to so-called “Global Warming” initiatives and … nobody cares about the real issues like “self-destruction as a result of a thermonuclear catastrophe or some other discovery which may have unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences“.
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