… and some of them now propose the same approach to resolve the future global problems. For instance, Lawrence Summers, Former Treasury Secretary says that the future global scale problem will not be producing enough. It will be providing enough work because a generation from now a quarter of middle-aged men will be out of work at any given moment.

It had taken centuries for many thousands of people to build Egypt’s pyramids. What was the social objective of constructing Egyptian pyramids? The main goal was to keep social stability and comprehensive employment with a high spiritual objective that would more than compensate for the absence of any direct obvious materialistic kind of objectives; in other words, inspired labor as an objective unto itself.

There seems to be a basic principle that works on all social and perhaps biological levels: if you cannot put earlier created processes and resources to rational use, then you conserve the system at least in a neutral “engaged condition”.

In each such case taken separately the question is the cost of such conservation, or the amount of social energy. We are talking about the cost that a society is prepared to pay for such stabilization, for tying up this social energy in a “reserve” with an eye towards using it more intelligently in the future.
PS. We can’t know exactly what Former Treasury Secretary had in mind when warning of the above-quoted future global problem, but it seems that the scientists have finally discovered the social reasons to build pyramids of Egypt and are now gaining a better understanding of the main global problem in the nearest future.